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Last updated February 9th, 2000
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Table of Contents
 XRef Applied Mechanics in Darmstadt
 XRef DOS freeware
 XRef SONY CDU31A/33A CD-ROM drivers
 XRef GPS stuff (with UK waypoints)
 XRef Some info and software for the space game Frontier - Elite II
 XRef Info for First Encounters, the Frontier sequel
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Physics in Darmstadt

Apart from copying and modifying corporate logos and protesting on the Web, I studied physics at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (Darmstadt technical university) in Germany. I've changed to applied mechanics now.

Vorsicht! Ich bin Physiker an der TU Darmstadt!

Here's a little DOS freeware utility by me:

File Screen Utility 1.0 New (19K)  A program to set different text modes in DOS without ANSI.SYS, and blank the screen. Includes C++ source.

CD-ROM drivers

File SLCD 1.74d (84.5K)  Driver for old SONY CDU31A/33A CD-ROM drives with original Sony controller (sometimes requested in the newsgroups,, de.alt.cdrom, de.comp.periph.cdrom). Because the file was downloaded from the German SONY support BBS, the MSCDEX.EXE in the ZIP archive is German. If you want messages in your system's language, replace it with the one from your DOS (or Windows 95).
FTP SLCD 1.73a (97K)  The older version of the driver from SONY's FTP server's CD-ROM drivers area.

GPS stuff

UK waypoints for GPS receivers (Garmin PCX5 format)

These files contain waypoint data (coordinates) of motorway junctions and towns in Britain for users of GPS receivers. Use with Garmin's PCX5 software.
File UK Motorways (32.0K)  Waypoints for UK motorways, compiled by Paul Ross. From the Readme file:
"These text files contain the Ordanance Survey locations of all the major motorway junctions and service stations in the UK. They were obtained by measuring 1:50,000 maps so have an expected accuracy of about +/-50 metres."
File UK towns (16.9K)  This file contains coordinates of 1107 towns, cities and locations in the UK. John Seymour extracted this data from Steve Litchfield's Mapper software for the Psion Series 3a palmtop computer. The errors of these waypoints are up to 2 kilometres, which should be enough for towns, most of which are bigger than 2 kms anyway. Use a text editor to select the waypoints you want to upload to your receiver (by cutting out all waypoints you don't want).

UK waypoints for GPS receivers (Gardown9 format)

These are the same waypoints as above, but for Gardown9 (see below).
File UK Motorways (36.3K) 
File UK towns (21.6K) 

I got the waypoints from Paul Ross's UK coordinates page as MacGPS data files, and converted them to the format used by Garmin's PCX5 software (tested with PCX5 version 2.06 and a Garmin GPS 45 receiver). I then uploaded them all into my GPS45 and downloaded again with Gardown9.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the waypoints and routes in these files, so if your GPS receiver leads you straight to no place at all, you should still have a map ready to check the data and find out where the h*ll you are...

And now for Gardown...

This is a nice little program to upload and download data to and from a Garmin GPS receiver
File Gardown13 (58.3K) New!  From the readme text:
Welcome to gardown. This version will download & Upload all the Waypoints Track, Routes & Proximity WP held in the garmin using port COM1 or COM2. Please email Bugs and comments to
Also visit my web page for the latest version


Frontier - Elite II (no SVGA or fancy video sequences but still one of my favourite games) by Gametek/Konami - Click on my Imperial Courier ship below for a savegame (for DOS version) with a hacked ship (23.3K).

Li Qing Jao My Imperial Courier Lynx Bulk Carrier

Here are some little tools for this game:

File SeeGRF (62.1K)  A tool to view the .GRF image files written by Frontier when you press the 'print screen' key.
File GRF2BMP (9.91K)  This one converts the .GRF files to Windows .BMP bitmaps.
File E2 SGE (75.3K)  The first program for decompressing Frontier savegames to edit them.
These three programs are by Steve Critchlow.

File GRAB 2.1 (8.25K)  A VGA screen grabber. This program, together with SeeGRF, was used to take the screenshots on this page. It can be used with other games as well (tested with Wing Commander-Privateer and Wizardry 7). Created by Dan Corritore.
File Mining bug fix (10.3K)  Fixes the bug that causes system crashes if MB4 mining machines are not collected in the right order (for English version only). Simply copy the EL2M18.OVL file over the original one (don't forget to make a backup in case anything goes wrong).
File Frontier FAQ (37.6K)  Frequently Asked Questions list from - lots of info for the game.
File Hacking kit (10.0K)  UNLZEXE for uncompressing the Frontier executable FRONTIER.EXE, and good hacking instructions for modifying ship and equipment properties. I made my own hacked Imperial courier with this. If you don't have a hex editor for binary files, you can try the next program in this list.
File HexEdit 1.1 (41.2K)  A shareware hex editor by Duval-Soft. If you are new to game hacking and don't have Norton Utilities, you will probably need this to edit FRONTIER.EXE.

Space station Long Range Cruiser Old Coriolis station

Scratchi's Unofficial Frontier page, from where I got SeeGRF, E2 SGE and the Frontier FAQ, is off to the Great Frontier. Try another Elite/Frontier page by Michael McCarthy.

First Encounters

Frontier - First Encounters, the sequel to Elite II (even better than Frontier - Elite II) by Gametek. Click on the Imperial courier for an FFE savegame with the same hacked Imperial Courier (DOS version) as in the Frontier savegame above (39.6K).

FFE Orbital City My Imperial Courier
My other ship...
Peters Base

A few helpful files for First Encounters:

File My FFE Hacking Page (10.6K)  Info on hacking the FIRSTENC.EXE file with a hex editor - Get a mega-ship!
File First Encounters FAQ (22.3K)  Frequently Asked Questions list - lots of info for the game.

Griffin Carrier Merlin Attack Fighter Turner class ship

More info on Babak Masalehdan's FFE Hacking Page.

Links Page

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