Introducing: Dinh Phong Nguyen!
Mandy went into labor right after breakfast. This was a surprise, because the baby wasn't due for another two weeks!  Daddy-to-be rushed her to the hospital in morning rush hour traffic. Luckily, little baby was taking his time coming out, so we made it to the hospital.
Mama: Mandy Jessop
Gregory Sloan
Born on:
January 15, 1999, at 10:35 p.m.
St. Christopher's Hospital
8 lbs., 7oz.   Height: 21.75"
Hair Color:
Mama: Thank goodness he's so cute, after all those hours of labor! Phew!
Papa: He's got his daddy's smile!
Grandma Jessop:
He's got his mother's eyes!
Sister Susie: He's so tiny!
Uncle Joe: I'll trade ya one of my kids for him!