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Yeshiva of Los Angeles is recognized as the flagship institution of traditional Jewish scholarship and Torah study on the West Coast. It is used as a resource by the widest spectrum of the Jewish community, providing quality programs for all ages.

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YOLA offers round-the-calendar programming from high school level through post-ordination. Whether you need to learn the alef-bet, or require the stimulation of accomplished talmidei chachamim (Torah scholars), you will find your level in out thriving Beit Midrash and its extensions. beginners. Together with the Jewish Studies Institute (the outreach wing of Yeshiva), YOLA offers a full variety of basic classes, through which students have entered the portals of serious Jewish learning for close to two decades. The Sharon Price Women's Torah Institute provides classes for women, day and evening, beginning and advanced. We pride ourselves on our faculty who are respected as first-rate talmidei chachamim, and can relate Torah truth in a contemporary idiom that is relevant and palatable, yet entirely authentic.

Here are some of the features you can regularly expect to find at YOLA:
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