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AlphaWorld Freaks Anonymous: The page where I get to mess with your heads and get a monetary donation from you (hey, you never know untill you try). The "AlphaWorld Freaks Anonymous" is where those who love AlphaWorld (other people to, it won't hurt them) go, to see what's going on in Alphaworld (though they probably know), without anybody knowing. In fact, the only way people will know that you've been to my page is if you sign my guestbook, or vandalize my wall. Well, I'll try to bring you the latest news and happenings in AlphaWorld (and occasionally in other worlds too), and I'll throw in some other stuff too :) . So, you can be looking forward to more things on my page (coming sooner or later), and I love input! Don't be afraid to tell me how much my page stinks, or what I can do to make it better! Browse around, and come back, because my page is (almost) always changing.

"Active Worlds" In a Nutshell

First of all, What is Active Worlds? Well, it's kinda hard to explain, but since so many people are e-mailing me asking what Active Worlds is, I might as well save everybody some grief and just put it here. So, here 'goes: "Active Worlds" is a three-dimensional virtual world where you have the freedom to do (almost) anything you want. In Active Worlds you have the ability to walk, run, fly, walk through things, chat with people all around the world, and build stuff. Walking, running, flying and walking through things are fun (I guess...) but it's pretty neat talking to somebody half-way around the world, and actually seeing them (not them, but the "avatar" that they are using); and not only can you see them, you can see all the way around them because they are three-dimensional (they are made up of polygons). And the thing that REALLY makes Active Worlds special, the ability to build. Using the many objects that a world has, you are able to build whatever you want (you can only build in some worlds, and unfortunately you have to obey the laws of the Building Inspector). So, that is what Active Worlds is in a nutshell.

This is where I get a chance to tell you the interesting things that are happening in AW. Keep in mind that none of the pictures are forgeries of any kind, and that they're not changed in any way.

Y'know, it occured to me that not all of the news stories that I have covered have been real :), so I decided to make this so people who can't tell fiction from non-fiction will know whether or not what they're looking at is real.

Well, this is obviously where I list the several (or sometimes not so "several") things I have changed or added to my page. Most people usually pass it, but if you want, you can look at it.

On this page, I have links to other pages. I don't know why you'd even want to go to another page after mine, but if you want to, why not go to a recomended page?

Ah, a very interesting page. This is where I list some of the structures in AW that everybody should go and visit! I only put the "best" and "nicest" sites here. So you won't be disappointed if you go to see the site (or your money back).
As you can see, I haven't added any new buildings lately. "Why?" you ask...because of COF! Since they've made people charge...the nice buildings have become built by and are probably scheduled for demolishin (that seems spelt wrong...). So I don't wanna put something on my page that won't be there in a month or two.

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