Telling Bird
Richard Dean Cook
" Telling Bird "
Southwestern Artist & Writer

Painting by Robert A. Kercher (c) 1991 -*- Banner created by Dianna Wolf (c) 1998

I am but one of many spirits, who have chosen to wander this world, at this time in history. I claim no past, special roots, or family. No given established creed or belief system. I only know, for sure, that I have the gifts of writing and painting, of which I only give credit to my Creator. Of all, that is mine to give, I only hope that you might derive enjoyment.

"Know Native American images
and the stories behind those images"

I have drawn my Native American themes mainly from the tribes and Pueblo culture of my native state of New Mexico and the surrounding Southwestern states. Most people are fascinated and also fearful of the images they see in Native American Art. All fear comes from a lack of knowledge. Put your fears to rest by learning the wonderful and beautiful tradition of the People who live "with the land". Stroll through my "HOME GALLERY" and be filled with the richness of America's Native Peoples.

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