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Just one click to reach-copy-move any file! Descend down into your disks, or drag and drop a folder on Cruiser to start descending from there, or to send it anywhere...Left-click to launch a file, or right-click to open a window of the selected directory....CTRL-right-click to open a DOS session in the selected directory!

Absolutely the quickest disk browser - launcher - file copier for Win95.
A hiding dockable & sizable desktop window with an enhanced popup menu which shows your disks with cascading folders, browses through your file system, resolving links, opening documents, windows and DOS sessions; it supports your recently used files and your preferred folders too.

- Start using Cruiser and you will save the 98% of clicks and mouse movements usually spent browsing your disks!

A snapshot of Cruiser at work..
In Cruiser, you can l-click to launch a file,
 or r-click to open a directory.

- Aren't you sick of double-clicking on lots of folders to open them just to realize that you have to search elsewhere and close them all?

- Cruiser frees your hand from double-clicking illness !

- It uses as least memory as possible, it doesn't waste CPU cycles !

- The first award:

(8/25/97): rel.1.37 is OUT
(6/19/97): rel.1.35 is OUT
(5/31/97): rel.1.34 published
(5/27/97): rel.1.33 published.

- You can drag & drop multiple files/folders on Cruiser and copy/move/link them anywhere, simply selecting the target directory with just one click, without opening "My Computer" or Windows Explorer.

It's a fully functional SHAREWARE application!
Get it NOW!
Download Cruiser Browser v1.40 (275k) directly from
or click here for an up-to-date list of different locations for release 1.37 ( v 1.40 has not yet been published - sorry!)!

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--- Advanced Tricks & Tips ---

- Have you got a directory window opened on your desktop and you want to open a Dos session right there ? Take a file from that window, drop it on Cruiser, CTRL-right-click on it as it shows at the top of the popup list.

- Have you found a file you were looking for using 'find file', and now you need to open its directory ? Drag it from there (Yes!! It works!!) to Cruiser, and right click....if you want to copy it or move it, you know what to do ! Cruiser works with 'Find files' icons too!

- And what about Winzip95 icons ? Yeah, they work too...if you want to extract a file from winzip, and send it istantly anywhere, or open it, all you have to do is Drag & Drop....

--- Known bugs ---

If you have run out of your trial period, and the registration dialog doesn't work correctly, download the latest release!

Send bugs to the author:

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