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This is me showboating on the far right.  The guy with the sign is Dave Hill, a friend and co-conspirator.  Just to his right is Quincy Tran and I'm not sure who the other guy (in the TEXAS shirt) is.  This is a protest at the University of Texas School of Law against UC Regent Ward Connerly. (March 1999)

Some basics:  I am 24. A first year law student at UT Law in Austin Texas (99-00). I have been a columnist at the Daily Texan for a year or two. Read my columns to find out about my politics.  I know nothing about building web pages, and am doing it mainly for relaxation.


Missing Out On The Boom
excerpt: "The booming economy has indeed led to lower unemployment, but most people are working harder for the same or less pay."
appeared Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Affirmative Action Activists Preserve Democracy
excerpt: "This is what the student movement for affirmative action is about. It is the opposite of everything fascism stands for. It stands for a society more democratic than our own."
appeared Monday, April 26, 1999

Direct Action Still Necessary for Gays
excerpt: "Class divisions within the gay community and the distinct interests of those economic classes must be acknowledged."
appeared Monday, April 12, 1999




Left Business Observer
accumulation and its discontents; a newsletter on economics and politics; the web page has info on the print edition, sample articles, up-to-date statistics going back as far as 1820, and special reports

Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Don't mourn. Organize!

People of the Heart
Lacresha Murray was 11-years-old when Travis County (Austin, Texas) prosecutors attempted to charge her with capital murder.  She was later convicted of injury to a child and sentenced to time in prison.  This organization spearheaded the effort that eventually led to her freedom.

The Sentencing Project
interesting facts about our disgusting criminal justice system

news and views from U.S. universities

The Onion
comic relief