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Something about me:
i love power cuts. i am romantic. i am scared of ghosts. i like science fiction. i lie. i like people who are not self-conscious. i miss my childhood friends. i can't write poems. i like to believe in u.f.o.s i never preach. i admire theoretical physicists. i don't want to be religious. i cannot play the guitar. i have never been to an opera. i don't want to know what "eschatology" means. i listen when old people speak. i want to get stranded on an uninhabited island with a beautiful lady. i respect my parents. i dont know when people will realize that money is the most important thing. i will never punch anyone in the face even if i feel like it. i keep my promises except when i forget! i love listening to pink floyd, deep purple, the doors ... i suspect psychopaths. i dont mind if others think i am a nerd. i wonder who invented all the jokes. i dont know if god exists. i forget names. i believe in the power of mind, to do anything. i believe in space travel. i am nostalgic. i love my country. i can speak in zulu only if you can't. i am not einstein, buddha, coleridge or picasso. i want to see the seven wonders of the world. i have sinned. i exist.
This is my initial experiments with HTML. You are welcome to write to me and suggest improvements etc.
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