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Welcome to the Dark Side of the Web. This page is an attempt to show what a page with content is. Far too many web sites are simply filled with nice looking graphics and a few pirated quotes. The web is a place for self expression, and should be filled with the ideas and thoughts of every user. For the first time in history, anyone can publish something on an international level, and with little censorship. Don't waste your power. Those who effectively sell their ideas to the world now are those who will dominate in the future.

Among other things, this page is a collection of essays I have written over the past several years. Many deal with politics, religion, and history and my views upon these subjects. I didn't write them to convince you to agree with me, so I have no need of mail informing me of how much I "suck". Any intelligently thought out agreements or disagreements will be answered in kind. I apologize for the poor quality of my earlier works - some were written years ago and I am hestitant to rework them despite their obvious flaws. I thank you for your visit - please proceed.

Essays \ Fiction

The following are writings I have recently converted to HTML. All essays appear in the chronological order in which they were written. The ones near the bottom of each category are generally of much higher quality than those near the top. Please E-Mail me any opinions you may have. All of the below writings are copyright 1998 Brendan Shea.

Philososphy \ Experiences

  • Two poems - Parcel and Freedom
  • The mental - spiritual problem of a physical heart problem
  • Made up Morals - A philsophical and perhaps, overly cynical creedo
  • One Day in the Life of a Lunatic
  • Soccer, Beer, and a new Perspective
  • The Cost of Knowledge
  • Politics \ Society

  • The Rise of Society and the Devolution of the Human Race
  • The Troubles - An analysis of the conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Machiavelli's Prince: Literature Shapes History
  • Literature \ Film Analysis

  • Dragolance Chronicles - Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickmann
  • Au Revoir Les Enfants - (French film - Goodbye Children)
  • Differences between Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • The Eternal Champion - Michael Moorcock
  • Tolkien's significance to modern literature
  • The Idea of Love Versus Repetition in Amy Lowell's "Patterns"
  • The Dark Watchers in "Flight" by John Steinbeck
  • Machiavelli's Prince: Literature Shapes History
  • Fiction

  • A vampire story with a change of perspective
  • A short and simple fable
  • Other Essays

  • The life of Charles Dickens
  • The role of the Catholic church in the East during the Middle Ages
  • A brief explanation of how a computer works
  • The Evolution of Irish Language and Literature
  • Links to other sites on the Web

  • Geocities home
  • The Dark Side files - my fantasy pics, WarCraft puds, and programs
  • A list of interesting sites
  • Send me a letter
  • Pictures

  • Sandra Bulloc pic