The Most Ancient Order of the Knights of the qaptaQ

The qaptaQ is an organization dedicated to the Klingon ideals of Honor, Glory, Strength and Straightforwardness. The qaptaQ way of life is often summarized by the principle of Nal Komerex Khesterex: That which does not grow, shall wither and die.

The qaptaQ testify to the great loyalty and fidelity which is to be found in all Klingons everywhere: the pride inherent in the greatness which has sprung from the Klingon warrior since the earliest of times. The qaptaQ fight for a way of life, a total philosophy.

The qaptaQ has, as its speculative origins a rich pre-history extrapolated from the fictional 23rd and 24th centuries portrayed in the various incarnations of Star Trek. In addition, the qaptaQ owes much of its support to a series of original works authored by many of its members. Such works often depict periods far back in time, before the mighty race known as the Klingons had developed spaceflight or a common cultural identity.

The operative origin of the qaptaQ is deeply rooted in the counter culture of the Klingons which has evolved around Star Trek in all its forms.

The main focus of the qaptaQ is based around the exploration of the political, cultural, and spiritual lives of that most noble of people, the warriors of the Klingon Empire, as well as the possible history of the Empire as portrayed in the various embodiments of Star Trek.

Many Klingons live a lifetime and never join the ranks of the qaptaQ. This does not signify dishonor for them, for membership in the qaptaQ represents a calling to a way of life which is a greater challenge than that faced by the rank and file of Klingon warriors.

The central belief of the qaptaQ is that all Klingons are warriors and some warriors become strategists, of those who do, some few may come to know the way of the life of a warrior. Such is the essential nature of membership in the Knights of the qaptaQ.

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